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EverAfter 200pxEver After
Published 2016

Price $14.95

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"Perrault, Collodi, Andersen, Carroll and the Brothers Grimm are rolling in their graves. Happily."
-Rako Igric


alchemy 650pxThe Alchemy of Desire
Published 2013

Price $14.95 plus $3.25 shiping and handling.

"In this rich, juicy, poignant, and sometimes hilarious collection, Velie celebrates what it is to be alive and human and sentient in this troubled and amazing world."
- Lisa Starr, Rhode Island Poet Laureate Emeritus



soul propSoul Proprietorship: Women in Search of Their Souls
Published 2011

Price $14.95 plus $3.25 shiping and handling.

"Join her "jumping into the leaves... pushing off in a snow saucer." Soulmate with her as she relates tragic tales on abortion, death and rape. Attend her daughter's "Perfect 10" marriage. Ah, Dianalee... It's all here."
- Martha Deborah Hall, Poet



roads lgThe Many Roads to Paradise
Published 2006

Price $16.00 plus $3.25 shiping and handling.

"This third collection by the prolific Dianalee Velie continues to uniquely explore the many facets that comprise the human condition. Somber, illuminating and always moving, each poem is a dramatic unearthing of truth found in the mundane and the profound all equally handled with humor, empathy and insightfulness. If there are many roads to paradise, these poems are the most direct route to take."
-Kevin Pilkington, Poet / Professor


firstedition lgFirst Edition
Published 2005

Price $16.00 plus $3.25 shiping and handling.

"First Edition succeeds on all levels. Readers who have the courage to take this journey are not only rewarded with well-written poetry, they are rewarded with the important reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit."
-David Messineo



glasshouse lgGlass House
Published 2004

Price $14.00 plus $3.25 shiping and handling.

"I am sure many literary magazine publishers would agree that Glass House is a welcome and long-overdue first collection from a fresh and vibrant voice in American letters. Readers will find much to savor in this volume."
-David Messineo, Publisher/ Executive Editor, Sensations Magazine

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