• Italian Lesson

    Italian Lesson

    In her newest book, Dianalee Velie provides the reader with a vacation in Italy— the best kind of vacation, stunning beauty enjoyed in the company of the people one loves. Page by page, we are served her sheer pleasure of being alive. We travel with her to northern Italy, Tuscany,
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  • Ever After

    Ever After

    "Dianalee's insider view of the classic fairy tales is both droll and shrewd. The poems deliver the lowdown on the stories and characters we all know. The wry perspectives are unique; these versions make much real-life sense." -Baron Wormser "Anyone who wants to be entertained and amused and enjoys unbridled
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  • The Alchemy of Desire

    The Alchemy of Desire

    "The Alchemy of Desire is an ecstatic collection of poems that literally and metaphorically affirms life and the power to heal and connect with the pulse beating of the world. The poems take you on a journey, from the powerful opening poem "In the Beginning" which ends with the couplet:
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  • Sole Proprietorship: Women in Search of Their Souls

    Sole Proprietorship: Women in Search of Their Souls

    "In her wonderful new collection, Soul Proprietorship, Dianalee Velie presents us with a series of stories about the places and events in life that our souls attend, memories that "...await us in every closet." Velie writes of "...nondenominational angels," "spunky dogs", and then wonders how one can find their soul
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  • The Many Roads to Paradise

    The Many Roads to Paradise

    "In Dianalee Velie's poem, "Primary Colors," an old man, at home in his life, says "Here I am and I know." The Many Roads to Paradise is the record of a poet's tenacious desire, here and now - by way of a dog or a fireplace log or Louis Armstrong's recorded
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  • First Edition

    First Edition

    "Velie's First Edition is a brave book, doing what it must do, making art out of enormous tragedy, painting over grief with '(t)he lemon yellow paint, called joyous..." -Maxine Kumin "These poems are filled with life and all its fragile boundaries. They deal with the paralyzing terror and anger that
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  • Glass House

    Glass House

    "Dianalee Velie writes with grace and in poem after poem, her voice possesses a tender agility in order to travel those difficult paths that make us all uniquely human. These poems are brave in their lucidity, generous, sensual and intelligent celebrations of what it means to be in the world.
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